The Countdown is on, we are about to seed.

Here a step-by-step guideline for sending funds.

Roadmap and proceedings

  • If you whitelisted 1000$.
  • And If ETH is pegged at 2250$.
  1. Check if you have received a confirmation email after sign-up. If you didn’t, please contact us:
  2. Check-in which tier you are. In Tier 1 or Tier 2.
  3. In the confirmation email, you will see the amount of money you indicated to invest from the whitelist (Whitelisted amount)
  4. Check at what $ price is ETH pegged at.
  5. Calculate how much ETH you have to send (Whitelisted amount/(divided) Pegged ETH $ price)
  6. Double-check when the start and end date of the seed funding tiers is in your timezone
  7. Double-check if you are on the right YouTube channel (Link is posted on all social media channels as well)
  8. Verify if the ETH address, that you are planning to send the funds to, is the same address as shown by the Orica team live on YouTube. (Danial, a co-founder of the project, will show a board with the correct ETH address. Please be careful and verify, if the face is the same as on our Website and on Linkedin.
  9. Check if your transaction has at least 5 confirmations on If not, try again with higher fees and check the ETH address again.
  10. If you have any doubts or questions, please Contact us.




The Ethical #NFT Platform — Funding Digital Assets for a Fairer World

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The Ethical #NFT Platform — Funding Digital Assets for a Fairer World

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