The Countdown is on, we are about to seed.

Here a step-by-step guideline for sending funds.

Roadmap and proceedings

Confirmation email sent:
On 24th April 2021 at about 03:00 PM GMT, you will receive an email with the tier you are in and the allocation you are allowed to invest. We will send you no ETH address in the confirmation email. Don’t send any funds anywhere before the official date. Our team will never DM you and ask for money. We will release the ETH address on our Youtube channel live. The link to the video will be posted on all Social Media Channels. You will have 24 hours to participate. Take your time to double-check everything and follow the step-by-step guide.

Q&A Session on Youtube by Orica
On 30th April at 10:00 AM GMT, there will be a live video Q&A on our Youtube channel. We will answer all your questions.

ETH pegged
ETH will be pegged on the first of May 2021 at 02:00 PM GMT. This will be announced on all our social media channels.

Be cautious here, and make sure you calculate the amount you planned to send.

Here an example:

  • If you whitelisted 1000$.
  • And If ETH is pegged at 2250$.

Your calculation must be:

1000$/2250$ = 0,444444 ETH.

You would need to send 0,444444 ETH and you would receive 10 000 ORI.

When the ETH address is released on Youtube you have 24 hours to send funds there. No gas wars! We will then check if the address that sends the funds was whitelisted. There is no minimum amount you can send. The maximum amount is 25000$. If you send more than whitelisted, we will send the amount that was more back. If you want to send more than you whitelisted, you can whitelist again for tier 2. At this moment the chances you get a spot are good.

Tier 1 start date:
01.May.2021 03:00 PM GMT

Tier 1 end date:
02.May.2021 03:00 PM GMT

Tier 2 start date :
02.May.2021 05:00 PM GMT

Tier 2 end date:
Until filled

Step-by-step guide prior to sending funds:

  1. Check if you have received a confirmation email after sign-up. If you didn’t, please contact us:
  2. Check-in which tier you are. In Tier 1 or Tier 2.
  3. In the confirmation email, you will see the amount of money you indicated to invest from the whitelist (Whitelisted amount)
  4. Check at what $ price is ETH pegged at.
  5. Calculate how much ETH you have to send (Whitelisted amount/(divided) Pegged ETH $ price)
  6. Double-check when the start and end date of the seed funding tiers is in your timezone
  7. Double-check if you are on the right YouTube channel (Link is posted on all social media channels as well)
  8. Verify if the ETH address, that you are planning to send the funds to, is the same address as shown by the Orica team live on YouTube. (Danial, a co-founder of the project, will show a board with the correct ETH address. Please be careful and verify, if the face is the same as on our Website and on Linkedin.
  9. Check if your transaction has at least 5 confirmations on If not, try again with higher fees and check the ETH address again.
  10. If you have any doubts or questions, please Contact us.



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