Presale-Guide: How to invest in the Orica Presale

A step-by-step guide for sending funds

Presale Start

We are happy to announce the official start of the Orica Presale:

14th of August 2021 at 1PM UTC.

In this article you will find all the information you need to invest in our Presale. Token Economics and a step-by-step guide on how to send your funds in a safe and secure way follow below.

Token Economics

How to Invest

1. Get whitelisted for the Presale:

Whitelist registrations are open.

👉 Get whitelisted now:

2. Wait for confirmation email:

After you filled the whitelist you will receive an email with the following informations:

  • Your email address.
  • Your whitelisted amount in ($) dollar.
  • Your whitelisted BSC wallet address.

3. Calculate your investment:

BNB has been pegged at $405 since 14th of August.

Be cautious here, and make sure you calculate the amount you planned to send.

Example calculation (numbers are chosen randomly):

  • You whitelisted $810.
  • And BNB is pegged at $405.

Your calculation must be:

$810/$405 = 2 BNB.

This means you need to send 2 BNB and will receive 6480 ORI ($810/$0.125 = 6480 ORI).

4. Send the funds:

At 14th August 1PM UTC Danial, a Co-Founder of the project, will show a board with the correct Orica BSC address. Send the funds to the Orica BSC wallet address.

Presale address: 0x411b11414286c8E9231593D188cc9ed9F4896e2a
Presale address:

Please be careful and verify, if the face of our founder is the same as on our Website and on LinkedIn.

5. Get ORI tokens to your BSC wallet:

After you have sent the funds to the presale address you will get the amount of ORI tokens to your BSC wallet address on 10th of September at 10PM UTC.

Add ORI: How to add ORI token to my BSC wallet.

Step-by-step guide to sending funds

  1. Check if you have received a confirmation mail from for whitelisting. If you didn’t, please contact us:
  2. Check if your informations are correct.
  3. In the confirmation mail, you will see the amount of money you pledged to invest (Whitelisted amount).
  4. Check the $ price BNB is pegged at.
  5. Calculate how much BNB you have to send (Whitelisted amount/(divided) Pegged BNB $ price)
  6. Double-check if you are getting the address from our official source. Beware of scammers! Official source:
  7. Send the funds to the Orica BSC wallet address.
    Verify if the BNB address, that you are planning to send the funds to, is the same address as shown on the website.
  8. Check if your transaction has at least 5 confirmations on If not, try again with higher fees and check the BSC address again.
  9. If you have any questions or noticed suspicious behavior, please contact us.