Orica News: Presale + TESLA Competition!

Hi people of Orica!

We are excited to announce that ORICAs presale will go live on Saturday, August the 14th at 1PM UTC!

Investors will have the chance to participate in our massive competition, keep reading to find out more! 🔥

Presale Details

There will be 15M (Million) ORI distributed among investors. Want to secure your spot? Make sure to submit the whitelist application by filling out this form:


Please note: We will only accept investments in BNB during this Presale.

Investing in this phase gets you a shorter lockup and cheaper price, do not miss your chance!

Orica is a marketplace for everyone and we want everyone to have a chance to invest in our project. Fasten your seat belts and ride the Orica wave with us!


Whitelist End: 13th August 1PM UTC

Every investor has to fill out the whitelist to secure a spot. This does also apply to Seed Phase investors. Please fill out the form as you don´t want to miss your opportunity to win a TESLA! Seed Phase investors will automatically have a spot as soon as they send in the Whitelist application.

Competition: WIN a TESLA!!

Watch the TESLA Announcement on YouTube.

Orica is going fast and we want you to join us on the fast lane! So we are giving away a Tesla Model 3! 🚀

Of course there will not be only one winner! Here are all the prizes we are giving away:

🥇 Tesla Model 3 🚘*
🥈 $5000 worth in ORI tokens (40.000 ORI) !!!
🥉 Double your Investment (get double the amount of ORI) !!!
🎉 40 tickets will win 500 ORI

How to participate:

1️⃣ Sign up for the Orica whitelist
2️⃣ Pledge at least $100
3️⃣ Send the investment to the published BSC address (will be announced at Presale starting 14th of August)

Competition rules:

Minimum investment = $100
Every investment of $100 equals ten tickets (that means p.e. an investment of $1000 will get you 100 tickets).

Every ticket secures you a number. For example: For 10 tickets you get the slots #1 to #10 or #50 to #60. It depends on the timing of your investment. If you are the first one to invest you will be given #1 to #10, if you are the 6th to invest it would be number #50 to #60. As soon as our BinanceSmartChart wallet is published, you’ll be able to determine which numbers you got on bscscan.com. The winning number will be chosen by random.

Increasing your tickets:

You can increase your tickets by completing the following tasks. Every completed task will earn you 5% more tickets. You will find the following tasks in the whitelist:


You invest $1000. complete every task and provide your information in the Whitelist.
$1000=100 Tickets
Filling out the form with all tasks=40% more tickets=40% of 100 Tickets= an additional 40 tickets.
Total amount of tickets=100+40=140 Tickets

The winners will be announced on our YouTube channel during a livestream where we will randomly choose the winning numbers.

Join us for the livestream on YouTube.

Follow us:

Website: https://orica.io
Telegram Chat: https://t.me/OricaChat
Telegram Announcements: https://t.me/oricaannouncements
YouTube: https://youtube.com/OricaYouTube
Twitter: https://twitter.com/orica_io

* Tesla will only be given away if the hard cap is reached.



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