NFT’s and the future of ownership

What NFTs are

  • Antique and digital collectibles
  • Some physical and digital paintings
  • An artist’s intellectual property
  • Certifications or licenses

Centralized ownership of digital collectibles, the unmarked roads to NFTs

Bitcoin and absolute, decentralized ownership

The rise of NFTs

  • Digital arts
  • Domain
  • Various levels of Intellectual Property rights to designs
  • Certifications
  • Redeemable physical products, with an NFT acting as the right to claim
  • Collectible
  • Various media files like videos audios and both
  • And Printable 3D designs

Copyright laws and NFTs

NFTs and property rights in real estate

NFT intellectual property rights and record deals

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Oracle Problem in light of authentication and validation

Astronomical Carbon Footprint figures due to mining

High Minting Cost




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